Coordinated, but by no means Graceful

Hi there.

We haven’t met yet. That’s okay. This is my blog, a digital lexicon nestled in the depths of the internet, and you have found it, one way or another. I consider this a win, even if you may or may not have tripped onto this link because of a typo of some sort.


This isn’t my first time on the “blogosphere” (just threw up a little in my mouth for using that). The first time I wrote a blog, it was for college, and the project surrounded the way that women are portrayed in the media and how this portrayal influences a woman’s body image and feelings of self-worth. The second time was also for a class in college, specifically a study abroad trip to New Zealand about sport and the global market.

This time around, my writing is not a means to an end of your usual academic achievement. No grades will come of this, nor will it be presented as a project. I still plan to learn quite a bit, and spread what I have learned to others. I am also not expecting this to be a cake walk, either. It was a properly Sisyphean labor to construct this operation, and between the time that it took for me to come up with the idea and execute it, I needed 2 stitches in my finger from a culinary accident and stubbed my sad little toes on the doorjamb of my bathroom. You can expect a lot of me, I welcome the challenge. But if you are looking for charm, poise, and a reasonable understanding of modern fashion, you will be sorely disappointed. Here, we are Lady as F–k, and it’s time to turn some heads.

Care to join?



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