America’s Aftermath

Without looking at my history of posts and additions to this blog, I already know that the last time anything was shared on this site was well before the presidential debates, the election, and the inauguration of our 45th President of the United States of America. Donald J. Trump is now the leader of one of the most powerful countries in the world.

I am not going to afford anyone the opportunity to chastise, scold, or harass my political opinions and personal beliefs about POTUS#45 and his VP, Mike Pence. It is one of the more circular forms of despair that I feel when presented with the relentless frustration and discouragement felt by many people at this point on either sides of this bipartisan rift.

Rather than feel consumed by social media (and lose the attention of many with a long long long post), this is one of the more coherent formulations of my thoughts, observations, and what has happened in this country since the election of our current president.

  • In the few days that President Trump has been in office, the Affordable Care Act has come under intense scrutiny and will be repealed (and replaced with something else, as is required by law). Many of the stipulations which have allowed me to stay on my parent’s insurance and pay for very affordable medication may be compromised, and I cannot even imagine how this will change the lives of individuals who depend on government assistance to literally survive and afford their medical treatments. I would much rather contribute some of my tax dollars to make sure that a family can afford insulin for their grandparents, or subsidize dental care or prenatal care for young children and families, than watch their healthcare disappear to save me some money.
  • Speaking of healthcare, women’s health is taking an awesome beating. President Trump, surrounded by a room full of white men, signed an executive order reinstating the Mexico City policy, which prevents organizations funded by the federal government from performing abortion services internationally. With the repeal of the ACA, it is unclear whether or not effective contraception will be affordable for women, which can lead to higher probability of unplanned pregnancies. Unplanned pregnancies that, if they have occurred, these women will have to carry to term if Congress can have its way and stipulate what is considered human life.
  • There is a very small minority of President Trump’s Cabinet that appears to have the educational and professional credentials to run the divisions of state that they have been appointed by the president (See the congressional hearings). Those who are currently working in some capacity have already attacked the media and reported absolute falsehoods. Falsehoods regarding the attendance of the inauguration. I have to be honest, that is such small potatoes in the grand scheme of world news that I am confused as to why they felt it was necessary to lie in the first place. The overwhelming attendance of the Women’s March in D.C. (and other marches in solidarity around the country/world) was more than enough to get the message of displeasure from the masses across, and the official White House response could have been….better.
  • The Spanish translation of the White House website has been removed. So has any mention of their stance on the belief in climate change. And also the portion of the site that discussed LGBT rights. The first decision is unthinking and unreasonable, the second is factually incoherent, and the third is baffling and alarming. Instead of relying on the government as a bastion of hope for people of all creeds and nations (as well as the scientific method), there is a curtain being drawn around America, systematically removing peoples from its sphere of inclusion that have already faced systematic oppression. And climate change, well, that area of science may not have always faced oppression, but one would think that a country with so much global influence would attempt to prolong the life of Mother Earth herself.

I am calling my representative in the House as soon as I can to make sure that they are aware of what their voters support, and act accordingly. I want to work and advocate for the rights of this country as an informed citizen, and not fly blindly into a glass wall or ceiling. This is what I see. It is not everything that is impacting the American people — it barely scratches the surface. We are a diverse community, a country of immigrants, a history fraught with mistakes and a legacy of mishaps. Please do not forget where you stand, who is beside you, and who will be following in your footsteps.


Ever Yours,

Political as F–k


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