My Muses

The world wide web is a vital component of my existence at this point in my life, and I would be remiss if I neglected to mention the people and places who have inspired me to use this vast ocean of data as a way to learn more, and not as a spiraling video-swirly of cute animals and babies.

Jason Porath and his work with his website Rejected Princesses. Porath’s drawings of women in history who “don’t fit the Disney princess standard” and the accompanying story of their lives is inspiring and eye-opening. Plus, his book has now been published and I am the proud owner of my own copy!

Dr. Lindsey Doe and her work with her YouTube channel Sexplanations. Need I say more?

Everything and anything that is The Lizzie Bennett Diaries. A modern remake of the beloved Jane Austen novel, the Bennett family is led by a cast of independent women with a flair for the dramatic.

The Song of the Lioness by Tamora Pierce. Fierce young girl disguises herself to become a knight = the series I continue to read once every year.

Caitlin Moran. I haven’t even finished reading her book, and I’m convinced that if I saw her in public, I would probably kiss her full on the lips for bringing her candor and narration into my life.